Guido, Honda Prelude, Zen Retreat, and Dolbey

I need a vacation from my car. I don't think it likes to work. It prefers Pep Boys. They treat her good.

"Is this Guido?"


"I dropped off my Honda."


"I wanted to know what's up with it."

"Hold on."

I am on hold for awhile. It's so long I am in past tense. Then I stop. It's between Guido and her. It's their story. I'm just a spectator.


"Is this Guido?"


"What's going on?"

"The car is being worked on right now, bro."

"Can you call me when you know what's going on?"


"Can you call at my work number?"


I look at my computer screen. I think: That's it. I'm going to end it. She's not what I need right now. I'm a young man in L.A.. I need a car that wants to work with me. Spend time with me. Support me. I don't need a car that prefers Guido or smoking on the 405. That's not what I want in this relationship. Not at all.



"Honda Prelude?"


"This is hard for me to say. You've been good to me, but -"

"Hello, this is Jose from Pep Boys. Is this Pizolla Kray-"


"Okay so the Honda has a leaking hose and the thermostat needs to be changed."


"So when we do that the coolant is going to spill, so we're going to have to replace the coolant."

"And how much is that going to cost me?"

"So the grand total with replacing the hose, thermostat, oil change and the coolant is going to run you 396 dollars and 42 cents."

"Mr. Karareyah?"


"The total is going to be 396 dollars and 42 cents."

"Okay. When can I pick her up?"

"It'll be ready at 430."


I hang up the phone.

"So what's up?


"You were saying?"

"Nothing, baby. Everything's good."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'll pick you up later."

I walk to Pep Boys. I try and come up with ways to tell her. It's three more blocks. I'm sure I can build the courage. I'm sure I can.

"Hey," a voice says. "You want to take me out instead."

It's American Spirit. She's shaking those legs.

"Don't you want to? For old time's sake?"

Man, I think. These girls are everywhere.


I got an email from Brad Warner. It looks like I will be sitting zazen tomorrow with him. How cool, huh? I read a book and then go sit with the guy who wrote it. Only in L.A.

I also found that Brad has a blogger account. He writes about his love for monster movies, zen, and good food. Check it out!

I also happened to find a link on his site that pointed to "A Reason Why Writers Shouldn't Blog." It was written by a Dolbey character. His opinion is that blogging saturates the creative juices and leaves nothing for novels.

Is this true?

I have been told that people who date or meet friends through the internet are saturating their juices to actually meet up in the physical world.

Is this true?

I have been told by friends that love is coming to me - someone will love me for all that I am.

I don't go on internet dating services.
I don't go to bars.
I spend all my time writing novels, making music, working in television, blogging, and going to Pep Boys.

Is this true?

I will catch you on the flip,

P to the Z...

"Watch out for that tree?" I said.
"I am not afraid of trees," Tanto said. "It's branches I'm worried about."


jwg said...

but the only reason i ever invite you out is to spend time with your car. I love that car. I'd have to make friends with the new owner.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Well, then you better make friends with yourself.

There's a car waiting for you in L.A.

JWG said...

I would so make out with myself in that car. couldnt keep my hands from myself