The Slipshod Swingers: Hollywood Boulevard

Orange Lamborghini is moving right along. Here is the final version of Hollywood Boulevard, one of my favorite songs from The Slipshod Swingers. There are so many people singing on this track. At first, I was against it. Then I realized it was the only way it could be. It was an anthem. It was Hollywood. It was home.

Bret Agins - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocal
Timmery - Backing Vocal
Belinda - Backing Vocal
Panauh - Engineer and Backing Vocal
JP - Djembe
Me - Obviously

Click here or below to walk along.

Now for a question:

Which cover for the album do you like better? Top or bottom?


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Anonymous said...

this is a good one. but, i gotta get my hands on the brothers rapping. cause that shit blew me away! your little bro rocks the mic! unbelievable!

let's have an executive meeting this weekend. i have sunday off.

stace elaine