Worked most of the weekend.

Today is the payoff though. It's a Slipshod Swingers Sunday, or as JP calls it, "Church."

1807 Taft Avenue, APT 1
515 pm

I'll see you Swingers there.


Last night, I went out to the Three of Clubs on Vine. Dark club. I couldn't see a thing. Danced like crazy though. Good songs. Naughty by Nature. O.P.P!

I met some writing students from CalArts.

"I didn't even know they had real....well, not real, but writers here, you know, outside of screenwriters," I said.

"Oh, there's a great writing scene in L.A.," they told me.

"Really?" I asked.

I paused to reflect...


Ran into Todd from Kobayashi Maru, a band from Delaware.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," I said.


"Yeah, you're Todd right?"


"That's crazy. How long you been in L.A.?"

"About 6 months."

Todd looks at Michelle, "This is the best frontman I have ever seen."

I laugh, "Tell that to Frank."

He does. I smile again. I am okay with compliments. Best frontman? Sounds good to me.

Good to see Todd too. Hopefully, he'll bring his talents to a Swingers session.


Now I will buy a journal. I will buy a sweater. I will go to work for a couple hourse. I will dance to 80's jams. I will hang with The SLipshod SWingers. Life couldn't be better, or as the Kid says, LIFE IS GOOD/LIFE IS GREAT/ GIVE ME ANOTHER PIECE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE.


Doorman at the club last night had a great name. Bolo.

"So you're a boxer?"


I look down at the flier. There are two belts over his shoulder.

"Where'd you get the name?"

"I gave it to him," B's Latina mamma pops.

"What's it mean?"

"Little brother," another guy belts.

I sway left and pull the handle to the club, "Good luck at the fight, B-dog."

"Yeah, man," he nods. Thanks."

I step into the club. It's dark again. I see N on a barstool. I roll up. I put my arm around her, "I'm going to dance."

"Go," she says.

I do.


JWG said...

I love yr life. you are making the moves P. the best front man, yes. the best man, yes

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

mmmm. love you too, bro.