Dacheaux has tagged me to write 5 weird habits. This is a difficlt proposition. I have only one habit and that's smoking. I don't consider that strange and bizarre though. Well, I do like

1. mustard on anything. I could even eat mustard sandwiches. Very strange, but it's true. Besides that, there isn't too much else. I don't notice weird things about my fridge. I do like to lay all my books on my bed though. I won't move them or anything when I go to bed either, so it looks like

2. I literally sleep with books. Right now I have Sherlock Holmes (I really dislike this book, but someone was raving about it, so I was open) ; Famous Americans by Loren Goodman, Allison Stine's Lot of My Sister, some Brautigan book about a sombrero, and that's about all I can remember. Most of them have fallen off the bed, because I have the tendency to kick my sheets out from under me. I don't know how this is possible, but it does happen. By the time I wake up in the morning, I have undressed my bed. So, yes, I would consider that another oddity worth mentioning.

3. I undress my bed avery night. It's just me and a mattress by 715 am. Now when the alram rings. I let it go. (I use my cell phone.) I will let it keep ringing, until about 815 am. Then I will DISABLE it, and lie there. I go in and out of dream states. I think about the shower. I think about water. Then I usually doze off again, until 830 am, when my body suddenly springs awake, and I shoot out of bed and straight to my bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

4. Of course, now I am out of Cheerios as of this morning, and I haven't had mustard for quite sometime. This means I am very much the scavenger of vending machines at work. I usually can live off the Easy Mac in the corporate machines for a week. More than this, and you start feeling like those three-eyed fish from the Simpsons.

Ah, yes. The Simpsons. I don't watch TV. I have no weird habits with television watching. I just don't watch it. I don't like watching movies either, unless it's at the theater.

Tonight I am going to go see Glory Road, which brings me to my fifth weirdness, and I guess this could continue to eternity. I like to watch uplifting sports movies. I prefer these movies to any other. I also like to watch cartoons or films that have animation in them.

Overall, I would say I am thought of initially as a bit strange, but it only takes one afternoon with me to know that I am not all that different. I write this for all the women of Los Angeles, who say 'hi' to me, while I am too busy being clueless and usually respond with, 'Are you in trouble? Your car breakdown?'

I also tag not 5 bloggers, but 5 women who like cucumbers, bologna, riggatoni, olives, and Sunset Boulevard to give me a call. 310-279-8994. I will politely tell you that, "I don't have jumper cables. I sleep with books."

"Books?" you'll say.

"Yeah," I'll say. "We'll have to go to your place, or we could go to my place, but I like to dance to 80's Jams, so you better get up and dance with me. No clothes. That's the only way."

Yeah, I gues there are a lot of other things that could be considered odd. Yup, that's true. Dancing to 80's jams naked. That is number 6, and now I am going to get to work.


JWG said...

books are by my bed. cereal is in my mouth. god i drank lots of whisky tonight. need some love now. 4 sentences, not 5. will get there

Lynn said...

Man, a love of mustard, books in bed, no television watching. Your phone is going to be ringing off the hook.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

j-that's a nice poem.

l-i can't tell if you're joking or not.

Stacy Elaine said...

p you are the bestest. so many great things going on in la. i can feel it! yikes! lets catch up sometime tommorrow after you get off work maybe? we could meet at sabe? let a little bud know.