Matte Latte Has Got Me in a Death Grip

It is 3:06 AM. I cannot sleep at all. Why? Matte Latte. Everytime. They kill me. I had one at 4 PM yesterday. I only drank half of it. Now it's 3 AM. Damn you, Matte.

I am also filled with a bit of stress. It is tough balancing 2 jobs. I may have to make a decision to cut some ends at one of them. I am pretty sure what I need to do. It is difficult to see past the confusion though.

I am sure things will right themselves when the time is ripe. In the meantime, I didn't get to go to Melrose, and I didn't go to the Well (sorry N.) Instead I spent Friday night recording with Franky, and when we were getting ready to actually have an outing, he played me the DTH recordings, and then we had to talk about that. Of course, right? Naturally.

Well, I think it was about 11pm, when I just conked out. I slept until 12 noon, and then finally made it to the Sabe. When I got there, I got no writing done, because I ran into Gabriel, and shot the shit about the past month.

"You acted in a movie?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"Man, by the time I see you next, you'll have some book done and published."

That got me laughing. Gabe cracks me up. I could talk to him for hours. I didn't though. I drew some comics about a pig and a bird, and then I took my brother and his girlfriend to a movie at the Grove. That was good fun. I finally got to see Glory Road, and yes, you guessed it. I was moved.

I just love sports films. I love them so much, that when I got home, I went out and rented Bad News Bears and watched that too.

That is the most television watching I have done in 7 months. Man, it felt good.

I even watched Annie Hall today after the Swingers got together.

"This is the best movie ever," I said.

"Genius," JP said.

Now I am not thinking about Annie Hall. I am simply trying to create methods for getting to bed. I am drinking water to flush my system. I ate a bowl of rice to make my eyes heavy. And now I am thinking about drinking a bowl of rice. Something will get this matte out of my system.

Yeah, you better believe it. Matte is the devil. It is now 3:19AM, and I have to get up in 4 hours.

Oh, well...this could be fun. I got this book at the bookstore the other day. IT's called Wonderland by Danny Sugarman. The girl at the store recommended it.

"What's your favorite book of all time?" I asked.

"Wonderland -----," she said. "By Danny Sugarman."

"The guy who managed the Doors?"


"So is it about drugs?"

"Oh, it's the greatest book ever. I took it with me everywhere. I went backpacking and it came with me. I lost the cover, and it's all worn, but it goes with me everywhere."

It wasa helluva plug. I don't usually go for that type of book, but there was something about her love for it. I wanted to taste what was there.

So I got 3 hours to kill. I will tell you how it is in the morning.


JWG said...

my students all tell me to eat letuce if i want to sleep.

i got that coffee thing too. none after noon if i want to sleep that night.

John said...

I don't get it. Were you out of downers or something?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

j-lettuce. i'll try it.

js-like what? lettuce? yeah, i didn't have any lettuce. i don't really have anything at the moment. i live off the 7-11.