I love a good story. What else is there?

I am sitting at work.

I have just returned from buying a dozen mixed rosas at JOSIE'S FLOWERS on Lankershim.

"I put extra packs of Floralife in here for you," Josie says, and points to my vase. "And next time you get flowers--"

Josie pulls out a tape measure. She measures the mouth of the vase. Then its length. She scrunches her lips together. She eyes the pre-cut flowers. "Yes," she says. "Now the next time you get flowers, I know what to get you."

I like that idea, I think. The next time.

I cradle the flowers and vase in one hand and walk up Lankershim.


Tonight I will go shopping on Melrose. Then it's off to the Well on Vine and Sunset. N. and Frank are my dates.


It is 1:39pm. I got offered the producer position. This means a new TV show. I will let you know about it later.

It's very strange. Television is the only thing I could see myself doing besides writing. Well, maybe, directing an indie film, but that time is coming soon enough. I am reading screenplays, and will be making Strategies into a screenplay, and then play with some film ideas I have had for a long time. These have been hidden for a while, but I can see it now.

A man. A woman. A...[katherine just interrupted me. have to go rehearse in the vocal booth...]


Swingers meet at 1pm at the Fortress of Solitude (1807 Taft Avenue)

I will be writing at the Sabe from 9am-1pm Saturday and Sunday.


jwg said...

Pirooz all of this is so great. Not long ago you were not sure where you wanted to go. what the next move was. knew you would land well. congratulations. Keep blowing it up.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Yes, this position will be interesting. I was walking to lunch when I saw a bunch of women from the office.

"Give me all your money," I gruffed.

They laugh.

"You know," one says. "There was a big meeting about you."

"Oh, yeah," I say.

"Yeah," she says. "Looks like your some brilliant, amazing person."

"Mmmm," I say. "Well, that sounds pretty good."

"I look forward to finding out," she smiles.

"OKay," another says. "This is where we tell you that the meeting was with the guards downstairs."

"Funny," I say. "That's my cue to exit."

yEAH, JIMMY, I am open to being a producer. I am open to seeing what is offered to me. It's like this, i know exactly what i got is just what i needed. how does it go according to mick jagger?

you can't...

one of my favorite songs ever. that's what i love about the Stones. they can hit it on the money.

i have other things to say about this, but it is 544. this means i am ready to go find some cool vintage shirts, and look like a bad ass with my combat boots and slicked back hairdo. I am a regular charlie bar. primo to nth. (molo talk--gangster style, you know?)

i will put up some slipshod tonight, if we feel inspired to do so.