A POst ScriPT for Sprigs

ps. my dad told me my blog needed more focus too. it almost got me for a second. then i thought about it. not focused? "Oh, that's not true."

i am the focus. then i realized he just loved me, and gets excited everytime i am passionate about something, because he likes seeing me happy, and he wants me to make a million dollars doing what i love.

that's cool of him, so i don't say anything. i understand. we talk about the digi 101. we talk about love. we say goodbye, until next time.

i love you, my dad. i love you too, sprigs. whatever you decide will be just right. they are good questions though. does my blog have to be one way or another. who knows? i hear that you want it to not be like a job.

i wonder....

would my blog be like a job, if I made it have a focus other than my own? my choices, my decisions?

for me, yes. of course. blogs are novels. they are books. they are paintings. no one can fuck with it. nobody. you put out whatever you want. make it appeal or not appeal.

personally, i have yet to find how to make something appeal to everyone. does anyone know how to do that?

i do have ideas about focus, which is just more blogs, myspace, etc...

i make more blogs. if i have things that need to go up, and i feel like they stand outside of journaling, etc. for example, shikow has become inundated with music links to the slipshod swingers. this is to let people know about the record, but now i've got the myspace site. this is where this stuff will go once the record is done, but for now, shikow is where i play with initial ideas that become a touring band or a television show, or talking about sex (soon), whatever. once it breathes on its own. i put it somewhere else for my own sanity. i like that.

i have no idea who this person was that e-mailed you to tell you what to do.

for me. my story. it sounds like my ex-wife.

when we were married she said, she wasn't attracted to me anymore. when i told this to my friends, they said, "Sounds like someone who is angry."

was this true? i have no idea. but i do know that when someone is telling me what to do, that's a clear sign for me to be like, "uh, self-projection...misguided love...confusion"

it doesn't really matter. i just know when something is my story or not.

i wish you the best with whatever you decide. you are my homegirl, my ambassador of kwan.

5000 like your Spanking Machine,

and much love,



Lynn said...

Fuck off, Pirooz. That is the nicest fucking thing ever. Why am I saying fuck so much? I need to fucking stop it.

Thank you. Thank you.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

your welcome. good luck with everything you are working through.