Shikow TV: "Sheepman PSA"

Episode One

Director: Vince Braun
Ideaman: P. M. Kalayeh
Sheepman: Jeffrey Peterson
Fitz: Larry Thomas Moore
Audio: Panauh Kalayeh

To watch th
e film click image or here.

Thank you to Jeff Peterson for being in this piece. It was a pleasure to watch you at The Comedy Store. You humble us with Sheepman's presence here at Shikow TV.


Last night's dream:

Byron Katie rubs underneath my chin. She does the same to my parents. This makes us naked.

I am at some type of guru session. There are people crowded around Byron Katie.

I am invited to move up to her. I get in full lotus. She lifts a sheet of rock she is sitting on, and puts my legs underneath to hold me in place.

I hang underneath her. Bat style.

There is nothing underneath me.

We are suspended in the air.


Last Night's Excursion:

I went to the Comedy Store on Sunset. I got to see Jeff and Shannon perform. They did wonderful jobs.

I was surprised how hard the comics were on themselves post-performance.

"That bit needs to be adjusted," one says.

"I was average," another says.

"Comedy is science," the group agrees.

I don't believe any of this. I know better. I have seen the same thing from musicians. I have listened to the same thing from writers. It is such a torturous way to be an artist. The idea that anything is science puts me right back into physics with Mr. Lagsney. It shows me Mr. Liu coaching tennis without being able to hit a ball. It's my dad preaching self-help books by Deepak Chopra while he terrorizes his family. It is Ann telling me my language is too romantic. It is the ESL instructor who made me practice saying "apple" when I was already reading Ghandi's "All Men Are Brothers."

When I hear comedians (can you believe it's comedians?) rip themselves apart, I see every bad teacher on this planet. I see every moment someone was put down or told they weren't good enough. I hear a father shouting about winning and losing. I hear society calling down with rules and procedures. I see the worst of religion. I see corporations squeeze America through a funnel.

I know that "Comedy" or anything as "science" is not the way to make art. I know it is not the way to live life.

Dear Dad,

Tough love does not help or nurture.

Dear Mr. President,

A big stick will not make me bend.

Dear Ghandi,

I know we can offer ourselves better. I know we can hold a better space.

Dear Mrs. Ellis,

I love you. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for believing in me. I won't ever forget.

Dear Comics,

Comedy is not science.

Dear Teddy,

I walk like a penguin and carry a great laugh.

The Desert Rose

P.S. "Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, that is why several of us died of tuberculosis." -- Jack Handy

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