Shikow TV: "Fitz, the Logger"

"Fitz, the Logger"

Fitz: Larry Thomas Moore

I did the camera work here. Sorry. I couldn't stop laughing. It shakes the whole way through.

Click here or on pic to see Fitz do an impersonation of yours truly.


marlowe diego said...

shikow tv is the best. pirooz is a superhero. fritz is funny.

love ya.


ps. been off blogger a few days. my blog stopped working in safari which is weird cuz everyone else's works. i see this as discrimination and have refused to post anything on my blog. i don't like using mozilla. i want to use safari.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I can't post pics on safari. Why not? I have a mac. You can only post pics and links with Motzilla if you have a mac, monkeybutt.

I am at work right now. The scene you saw in the film. Fitz is behind me. Tomorrow is his last day. He is heading back to Philly.

Tonight we are getting together to watch Spinal Tap at The Fortress of Solitude (my apt).

We will record another Doo Wap tune and one last film with the Fitz.