Card and Love

I got this card from my dad. It made me cry right when I saw it. I didn't even have to read a word. It's amazing how well he knows me.

Yeah, it was good to cry. I liked doing it. It is also good to work. Mr. Posatko has hooked me up at Weller/Grossman. It has been a great job. I love the people I work with, and the energy is really nice there. Thank you, John for helping me be a part of it.

For those of you wondering what I'm doing I'll say this, "Imagine me with headphones, a TV, and a computer." That's the job. A prize for who can guess it correctly.

Besides that, I've been busy doing various interviews, learning L.A., painting, and learning the bass guitar. Pretty good for my second week here. I have also been reading all your blogs. They are all so good.

Here, are some personal notes, some shout out's if you will.

Corn Man - You are the best poet!
Pudgy - I am praying for you.
Werdenfield - Love you.
Sparky - Where's your drawing? Are you on freeze frame?
Vevlvety - How was the camping trip?
La La Lopez - Loved the quote on Werden
Harper - You are beautiful. Hot and cold together.
Eileen - I dig romance.
Posatko - You got 10?
Fawcett - Great talk on Harvard.
Mishty - Masterful Wizard Talker
Henriksen - Glad the heat ain't bringing you down.
Loudon - Beautiful paintings.

Thanks for inspiring me this week. I look forward to the next.


jwg said...


That card is great, and yr father is right. The world is yrs (and Tony Montana's). I have no idea what yr job is. It certanly sounds better than stocking a grocery store.

Is Marlowe on the Web? checked yr links. didn't see him.

Keep up the good fight. This thing is working. See you on Mars.

Kyle said...