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Nikki Widner's new magazine is hot off the presses.

Some great writers in there. Kyle Kaufman, Jesse Morse, Teresa Sparks, John Sullivan...what's up, oh yeah, eat your whole grain, eat your wheaties...

Check it out!



    Burt Kristbaum said...

    Anything about fossils on there? I like the cover.

    Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

    Don't know. You'll have to get it. I like the cover too. I read on Kyle Kaufman's blog that it was taken in Utah.

    Burt Kristbaum said...

    Utah is a prime location for fossils. Apatasaurs were well-populated throughout Utah and Colorado. Truly a phenomenal species.

    Are there any pieces about the paleontology? Poems about the apatasaurus?

    Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

    I really don't know. I assume the pieces are fairly literary. Poems about dinosaurs don't go very far. At least not in poetry.

    I also think it's apatosaurus not 'apata.'

    Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...
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    Burt Kristbaum said...

    Yes, P. That's why the writing is left to you. I've never been much of a speller. That's why most of my discoveries stay away from latin roots. I want to be able to spell what I discover. None of this, "I can't even spell my own discovery."

    I know several well-known paleontologists who are quite crippled when it comes to spelling, and have gone into various conniptions when corrected on their grammar. If I were you, I would stay away from the big 3. Grammar, spelling, and women are things that tend to be respected by paleontologists. French fries and mango ice cream are a different thing.

    And, just as a point of opinion, I do believe dinosaur poems can be quite literary. Maybe, you just haven't tried your hand at it. Give it a shot.

    JWG said...

    Dear Burt,

    are pebbles nutritious? If not, imagine if they were.

    Burt Kristbaum said...

    Pebbles are rock fragments between 4 and 64 millimeters (0.16 and 2.51 inches) in diameter.
    They are not particularly nutritious.

    In one of my trips to El Salvador, I caught a nasty flu. Well, a mild case of malaria really. It left me severely dehydrated.

    In order to recalibrate my digestive system I swallowed several gastroliths (what you call pebbles), and drank my own urine. It wasn't until Kross came through by constructing a radio signal with battery and flashlight, that we were able to radio the Albatross.

    I made it through with pebbles intact. They have since been expelled from my system, but if I ever find myself in need of a digestive aid, I know where to look.

    Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

    I think Jim was talking about cereal.

    Burt Kristbaum said...

    Mmmm. Don't eat the stuff. I do a high protein breakfast; usually an egg white omelet or cottage cheese.

    I might try some Pebbles for lunch. I assume they are rich in sugar and carbohydrates.

    Alex said...