Chasing the Sun

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I chased the Sun to Boulder. This shot was at 73 mph through the passenger window.

Seeing this made me fall in love with everything all over again.

I kept wanting to stop and hang out with the Jersey's packed together. I wanted to be there in the middle of a group of horses. I wanted to be in a field next to a bale of hay.

I am spending today saying goodbye to Boulder.

I like being alone. I like being in control of my life. That's what I feel right now. Sitting in this apartment with a laptop on the floor. This technological wonder of recently acquired wireless. Man, it's awesome.

Almost as good as the night sky on my birthday. Almost as great as me eating a hamburger.
Almost is just almost enough to help me make it through the night.
Almost is an interesting word.
I don't like it anymore though.
I don't want almost. I want done. I want completed.
Those words are better.

Almost is just not enough.

Just is like almost. Hmmm.


Almost is just.
Her neck craned beyond the bough.

The heat of her body.
The guess between her legs.

Roshi draws the question in quick strokes.

Her mantra plain for all to see.

It matches his perfectly.
It is almost an answer.

"Mmmm," Tanto croons.
"Mmmm is good."

This poem is interesting. It is 234 pm.


Burt Kristbaum said...

It's a haibun!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I don't know anything about haibuns. I like the word though. It sounds like you could eat it.

It's crunchy. Like lettuce.

Anonymous said...


Paiman Kalayeh said...

Great Pic!

Stacy Elaine said...

yeeah haw. come join us muppet southerners in the west for some crazy slaw, greens, and chitlins.