Shooting THE HUMAN WAR MOVIE: Day Three!

The movie is going well. Today we did the skateboarders scene at Uptown Pizza. The kids were pretty great. I also appreciate all the parents being so patient with us. I think we have the perfect bunch of kids to skate and hang with Jimmy.

Keith and James did a fantastic job discussing how war is eminent in this scene. We covered the footage from four different angles, lit it to match a consistent daylight, and prayed that the door wouldn't open too wide to reveal the rainy streets.

I think Todd might be the quietest audio guy I've ever heard. He is also one of the best.

John Vincent and Jarrid were "hollywooding" everything. As they said, "We can do this all day!"
I certainly couldn't. I jumped outside the pizza shop to help prevent the wind from shaking the filter, but I don't think I could have done it for a second longer. My arms were feeling the burn after a few minutes.

Eugene is one of my favorite AC's. He is professional, compassionate, and has great facial expressions. This one above is just one of many that I have had the pleasure of witnessing.
We are now into Day 4 of our shoot. It is raining again, so we will be shooting at the house. I am excited. I am also a bit nervous. I am expected to paint more paintings earlier and faster than expected. Yesterday, I made three paintings in 17 minutes. It definitely takes a lot out of me. Add to that a poor sleep schedule, constant phone calls, and a professor who still teaches classes online, and you have a tired guy.
I may just try and take a nap when we wrap today. I might not even wake up until tomorrow.


jwg said...

Love reading these updates. How was the pizza?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

It was good. I've probably gained about ten pounds though. All I eat is pizza and burgers.