We shot the skateboarder scene last night. It was pretty funny. The kids are supposed to have learned how to shoot a potato gun from one of the main characters, and then they bomb him with a bunch later on. In order to get the shot, Tom and I had to run around with them all over the set.

The kids were great. I was especially impressed when Cole (age 11) helped us out by calling "Action!" on every other take.

Earlier in the day, we shot on the process trailer again. We got this fabulous light for JIMMY'S response to MARK's thought of protest. It was really beautiful.

James Roehl (MARK) posed for me, while we rushed off for a bathroom break in the middle of the day. I took this picture and all I could think was "James Dean" over and over in my head.

Here is Todd Mackie, our audio technician, trying to stay warm and get in on the action simultaneously.

TJ Hellmuth, our Director of Photography, sizes up the one shot of the driver. He has taught me so much about framing and light in this past week. I look forward to more talks about Iranian cinema, life in production, and how to "Get the photograph!" in the coming week.