Day 5 of Filming THE HUMAN WAR

Keith McAleer prepared a fantastic monologue written by yours truly. Of course, it was his performance that made the words dance. In all honesty, I didn't even know if this piece would work. It works with a great actor like him though.

Jarrid made me laugh continuosly on set yesterday. He kept singing the Alladin theme song. He was like Broadway. It was sick. Tomorrow I've already put in a request for C & C Music Factory.

James Roehl is too cool for school. Our generation's James Dean. He poses here on our set for JIMMY'S apartment. The creamsicle painting above his head was done in under three minutes. James painted the one above that one himself. He's a talented guy. Oh, and he can freestyle too.
We've been doing some freestyles between takes. That makes take 8 and 10, so much easier.

Steven Andrew is the master of minimalism for his role of ELLIS. He did an improv yesterday that made everyone on set start crying. I actually looked at our boom operator, Dennis, and tears were streaming down his face. Basically, Steven was supposed to be macking on a pretty goth girl (see below). I told him to roll with it. When he started saying things like, " like Nirvana..." in this cute whisper between eating a burrito and nervously glancing at her on the sofa, I didn't know whether to cry or laugh, so I did both.

Tom has been the master of many hats. My partner-in-arms has done a fantastic job directing. He has a meticulous eye and a gift for guiding actors with physical movements to communicate emotion. It has been a great learning experience to watch him guide an actor with eyebrow arches rather than emotional context.

Jackie (above) is our script supervisor. She came all the way from NYC to have an "experience." I am looking forward to reading her screenplays. Who knows? We might be directing one of her pictures next.

Kristi Spapara was a diamond in the rough. When she auditioned at YSU, I knew immediately that I had found a pretty amazing talent. She didn't even flinch when I told her to devour an actor with her eyes. She communicated anything that was asked. I suppose that's why I love actors with musical backgrounds - she plays a few different instruments as a music major at YSU. Some of my favorite moments on set have been playing guitar with her amazing flute solos. She can even play melodies I sing almost instantaneously. That's a pretty amazing talent. I wish I was that good at an instrument. I felt like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant for a second.

The lighting was really extraordinary in the apartment. In fact, it was so good we are going to shoot their again this morning, instead of breaking down for the process trailer.

My favorite part of this set is the carpet.

I will update more in a couple hours. I need some sleep.

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