33 Years

1976 - I was born.
1977 - I moved to America.
1978 - I spoke my first words in English.
1979 - I started pre-school.

1980 - I went to kindergarten and hated it.
1981 - We moved from Indiana to New Jersey.
1982 - Mrs. Ellis gave me books to read by Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Then I won the Read-A-Thon.
1983 - I started third grade and went for half the year.
1984 - I moved to Delaware. I finished third grade at Highlands Elementary in Wilmington.
1985 - I started fourth grade. Mrs. Edwards didn't like me.
1986 - I was permitted to take photographs as part of the Talented and Gifted kids. I took a photo of my brother playing football in the snow. The T&G teacher thought it was a really good photograph.
1987 - I had my first girlfriend. We went out for two weeks. She broke up with me by the yellow lockers.
1988 - I was singing with the Chorus and playing saxophone a lot.
1989 - I made my first film about slavery still existing in the United States. It was deemed as impressive and I was allowed to shoot music videos during history class.

1990 - I played soccer and tennis for my high school.
1991 - I started getting more into Drama classes.
1992 - I got into Governor's School for Acting.
1993 - I did a lot of acting. I wrote and directed my first play. I filmed friend going out to McDonald's, trying on women's clothing, and various strangeness.
1994 - I listened to Nirvana, got suspended from school, and read Dostoevsky's Idiot.
1995 - I started college. I didn't like it. I wanted to go to acting or film school.
1996 - I started playing in rock group Cecil's Water and dropped out of college.
1997 - I played music everyday for about six hours a day.
1998 - I did the same thing in 1998.
1999 - The band ended and I started painting regularly. Then I went back to school because that's what made sense.

2000 - I graduated from college after returning from hiatus.
2001 - I got married and started graduate school at Naropa University.
2002 - I switched my major from poetry to fiction.
2003 - I stopped working and just wrote in my spare time. I wrote THE WHOPPER STRATEGIES.
2005 - My first marriage ended and I moved to Los Angeles.
2006 - I worked as a Dub Logger, Associate Producer, and Post Production Coordinator in Hollywood.
2007 - I moved to Korea for what I thought would be six months and ended up being two years.
2008 - I started the screenplay for THE HUMAN WAR.
2009 - I got married again. Then I filmed THE HUMAN WAR and moved back to America.
2010 - ???

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