Tao Lin & Others Being Famous and Non-famous and Doing Famous and Non-famous Things

Tao Lin continues to promote well, selling his Myspace page for $8,100, and obtaining more fame in the process. 

Brad Warner, Zen master & blogger, discusses how being a professional writer can only be done if you are famous, and that is what he is trying to create. 

Now here are pictures of Doug being cool and tough on my latest visit to Delaware. 

According to Doug, he will get people to invest in The Human War film. He also said, "He will destroy all those who do not." I am glad he said this. It is not something I could say, since I am running a legitimate business. 

Here is Sogee looking for work on South Street. 

Here I am waiting for an actor to be famous in our movie. 

Here are two jokers that invested in THE HUMAN WAR simultaneously. 

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saysaY said...

that obama exhibit is going to be amazing! it's at m & b, everyone should go!