Mom Celebrates Birthday with Dylan Singalong and Tuba Playing

My mom celebrated her birthday this week by taking Sogee to the Lilac Festival in Rochester. They came back with lots of funnel cake. I tried one piece. Then I stopped. I am in P90X mode. That kind of thing is not allowed. I must stay disciplined. 

I decided to sing songs to my Mom instead. That would keep my mind off of cake. We started with "Happy Birthday" and moved onto "Like a Rolling Stone". It's a song by Bob Dylan. It's not that bad. There a re a lot of verses, but I can sing it if I shut off the part of my brain that wants to complain about how may verses there are. 

After we sang Dylan, we stopped singing. My Mom was playing the tuba. She wanted to bring her life meaning again. That was actually the name of the song: "Bring My Life Meaning Again". Sogee played the harpsichord. I didn't play anything. I am not much of a player. I just sat and listened. I am a good listener. I can sit for hours listening to a tuba and harpsichord jam. 

Here is my Mom rocking with some of her friends. There's no harpsichord, but you can feel the tubas. They sound like dolphins running out of air and dying because there is too much pollution. 

I wish people were able to recycle their own trash.  

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