I Heart Korea

I am starting to enjoy being in Korea again. I have simply accepted the weird idiosyncrasies that make up this country. 
  1. I have to accept that people spit on the street. 
  2. I recognize that it's reality that people don't speak English. 
  3. I don't fret when people tell me they can't do something but can't explain why. 
  4. I am happy with Korean men yelling at me for no reason. 
  5. I can stand another Korean woman giving me a scowl for saying hello to them. 
  6. I don't mind that it takes an hour to make it past the U.S. beef protests near City Hall. 
  7. I can look forward to a foreigner fresh off the boat asking me about what I do. 
  8. It will be my pleasure to guide folks through the subway system. 
  9. The smell of kim chi in the morning is awesome. 
  10. It would be a good thing if I am challenged about reality and feel frustrated. 
  11. I am ready for another six months in Korea. 

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