I went to the Yonsei Severance Hospital today. I finally got a chance to speak to an American doctor. It looks like I have been diagnosed as having G.I.R.D.S.. As such, I will have to go on a stringent diet to see if I can improve the condition. In the next six months, I will try and drop 10-20 pounds. The doctor said this might help. He also let me know that the condition may be lifelong.

Things I Cannot Have:

1. Cigarettes
2. Caffeine
3. Fatty foods
4. Tomatoes
5. Orange Juice
6. Chocolate
7. Alcohol
8. Sugar

I suppose I will do a fruit fast. Maybe, this will help. Who knows? The funny thing is that with this list it certainly looks like I will be a vegan before this month is through. It looks like my body is looking out for me.

I can eat rice. I can have salmon. I can eat salads. I can have fruit. I think that will be it. 

Boy, does this suck. I am heading back to the states, and I won't be able to eat anything. When I visit my mom, she is going to have a fit. I hope she doesn't force food on me. 

I will survive. I will beat this thing.

I am off to play tennis. I will not have chocolate afterwards. I will not have fatty foods. I have bananas. I will eat bananas. 




Anonymous said...

we can still walk to the farmers market and get grapes and cherries to munch on!


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

That's true.