Tennis, Massage, and Trip

I played tennis again today. I went two for two. In the first set, I played the pro at the tennis club. He had some nice groundstrokes and a good first serve. It took me three games before I adjusted to the clay courts, but I dominated after that, taking him 6-3. 

In the next match, I played another professional in a doubles set. He was much better than the other. He had a great kick serve that was difficult to maneuver. I had to settle for slicing it on both sides, since my return game was just a bit off on the clay courts. That may have been what lead to a loss as well. It could also be my pride that got in the way - instead of hitting to the non-professional, I just kept going head-to-head with the pro. The spectators kept cheering because I shut him down several times. I was still playing poorly though. He was much too practiced. My partner and I ended up losing 3-6, or some such nonsense. 

The other sets I played were in mixed doubles. There was one aggressive Korean woman who dragged me to the next court, and set me up with an intermediate player against her and another quite advanced player. My partner and I lost quite badly. I just didn't have the consistency needed to pull a beginner along. I was also more interested in practicing shots rather than winning. 

Anyway, the tennis play has really been helping me with my lack of cigarettes. I am now four days strong. I am just taking it day by day. I hope I can make it through today. I am just trying to beat that craving. It lasts about five minutes, and can be pretty intense, but after that I am pretty golden for at least two hours. 

Since quitting, my endurance level has gotten higher. I have also noticed that I can drink alcohol without any heartburn. That's nice. I think I may have a glass of wine with So Gee tonight. 

Speaking of So Gee, we have a day of massages and Morrocan food planned. We have also bought tickets for the return to Los Angeles. I will be heading back July 1- 5th in L.A. I will try and meet up with Aram, Stacy, Paiman, Panauh, John, Timmery, Lindsay, and others. 

From July 5th-14th, I will be in Pittsford with my parents. I am probably going to stick around there for a while. I will make it down to New York City, Philadelphia, and Newark, the last week in July. I know I will be recording with Franky boy sometime during that journey. Aside from that, if anyone wants to hang let me know.

I will be back in L.A. on August 20th for those that miss me in July. Until then, I might make a couple flights to Seattle and Ohio. One to visit Sonny from The Temperance, and the other to pay a visit to Noah. If anyone else wants to do lunch in your city, let me know. 

I am writing a lot of poetry lately. They are very strange lines. It's interesting. Maybe, I will post some of these poems. 

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