Dear Boyz II Men

Dear Boyz II Men,

We sang your songs on a bus to New York City. Everyone was beatboxing. I was doing the melodies with a little trill in the back of the throat. I couldn't even remember pulling the fire alarm back at the dorms. I just hopped up and down in the aisles. I didn't even care when our teacher called me "weird". I just thought, "Eat me!" Then I danced.

Now I am listening to "Motown Philly". It's a great song. I really like the beat. It makes me feel like dancing and making love at the same time. Thank you for writing it.

Can you write another song and send it to me? It doesn't have to be like "Motown Philly". It can be whatever you want. I just want to hear something new. That would be nice. Let me know.



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