A Night Out

I went out tonight. Yes, it's true. I went to an international bar in Sinchon. I figured I needed to be with human beings who could understand what I was saying. I was right. I didn't talk to anyone, but I did listen to a mediocre acoustic act do some cover songs. That was quite enjoyable. It's been a while since I've heard music in English. There were a couple times I almost got up to correct the audio set-up, which was bordering on feeding back throughout the set, but I managed to keep my cool, and stare at the foreigners.

That was interesting. It got me thinking about being in the states. I wonder what that will be like in July. I have been gone for 16 months now. I might go through reverse culture shock. I've heard that happens to some folks.

I am listening to Boyz II Men now. I don't think I'll have trouble.

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