Dominating the Tennis Courts of Korea

A couple months ago, I went out with Loren and Dustin to play some tennis at the faculty country club. The regulars laughed at us, and said we were beginners. I went back today after three days against a wall and dominated every court. They called me a star player. It felt good to be a star. It felt even better to be a winner. In the past, I might have shied away from the limelight, but I am cool with being a winner forever. I've had enough practice being a loser. Give me a winner everyday! Booyakashah!

Now I am off to see Ironman with my students. I think it will be more enjoyable a second time, because, honestly, I didn't like it the first time. I think I knew too much about the behind-the-scenes action. Now, I am just going to sit with my protein shake and enjoy it. If someone tells me I'm cheering too loud, I'll tell them to suck it - a big one.

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