Golden Ashtray Looks Good

Well, Golden Ashtray, the comic book has my stamp of approval. It looks good. Perfect bound. Comic book size. 154 pages. Gorgeous cover. Definitely, get a copy today. Paper quality is nice too.

As I said before, it is now available on Amazon or Lulu. It would make a nice gift, toilet book, or other, etc. I am now allowing downloads on Lulu. The price is $5.94. To purchase the printed copy it is $13.52. A nice price for both.

If you do purchase a copy, go write a review on Lulu or Amazon, and tell your friends or show them. It really is a cutie.




marlowe said...

i don't know if golden ashtray looks good because i haven't received it yet but as soon as i do i will be sure to pass everlasting judgement upon it.

pirooz: you make me laugh.

pirooz: you make me cry.

pirooz: you make me confused.

pirooz: you make me angry.

pirooz: you make me think of writing.

pirooz: you make me dance.

(ps. the secret word at the bottom of this page that i had to type so everyone could read my message...said...'metajohn'. well, actually it said 'mjetaohn', but that's pretty close.)

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

marlowe: i like your metanarrative. i like you too.

mmmm: everlasting judgment. i like the sound of that.

Naughty with a capitol N.

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