Trash Humpers!!

Harmony Korine's new film, Trash Humpers, is a pretty cool concept: dress up as old, dirty men and then do sexual things to trash cans. Sounds exciting and a bit within the "I'm too cool for school" angle that most of his films take. I'll have to see it before I can lay down an absolute judgment, but I'm definitely interested. I have enjoyed Korine's films. They have all influenced me in some way. I also like that he used VHS on this one. I would like to go lofi as well with a film, especially in this economic environment. I would like to make films with Polaroids if I could.

I thought it was pretty cool that Drag City, a music label, helps put out his films. That's a great concept.

Not much else going on these days. I'm writing daily. I'll try and release some of this material once it's done (see excerpts in various older posts). As far as the new Slipshod album, it is half done. It'll probably be completely finished when I'm back in L.A, and can get Panauh to mix everything down in August. I'm too lazy these days to do everything. Who knows? I might feel more chipper once this cold finishes its course.

(I got this killer of a cold - a Korean one - for those of you that can feel me on how intense something like that is - they just don't go away - you might think that they are at their end but they go forever - anyway I'm done writing like Jack Kerouac so let's just forget the cold and let it be gone simultaneously.)

Some people have asked about The Human War, so here's the dilly. We're trying to get everything finished this summer, so we can hit the film festival circuit this year. We'll see what happens. So, yes, that's right. It'll be a 2011 release.

Can anyone say Jackie Chan? I am going to go meet Jackie Chan in one week. I have a lot I want to ask him. I hope he's willing to see me. I also hope he's in Hong Kong next week.

(FYI - The Jackie Chan meeting is a joke - I'm going to meet Kaivon - he is a severely perverse friend from high school who likes to race motorcycles and practice Mandarin - I know he sounds like a secret agent - therefore my thinking that he's my Jackie Chan - get it - okay - bye.)

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