Yesterday I went to a reading at Yonsei University. Then I headed back to watch the World Cup soccer match of Korea versus Greece with my in-laws. It took about two hours to get home because there wasn't a single taxi on the streets. I had to walk about 45 minutes to get to the subway station, ride the rails for another 45 minutes, and then pick up ice cream for everyone as I was requested to do so, which took a bit more time, as I got lost after I got off at a wrong exit in Seocho. All in all, it took me way too long to arrive. My in-laws were definitely curious as to how I could be an hour and a half late for a major soccer game that involved Korea.

"What happened?" my mother-in-law asked.

"Where have you been?" my father-in-law inquired.

Each question came from a different perspective. One was concern, while the other hinted at possible indiscretions I might not want to share.

"Ice cream!" I said, and heaved a black plastic bag filled with an assortment of plastic wrapped pops and cones.

My whereabouts were soon forgotten. We all sat in front of the television, yelped together, and occasionally jumped out of our seats. A couple of times my father-in-law silenced everyone, so we could hear the shouts and screams from neighboring apartments. "Oh-ho-ho! my father-in-law smirked proudly. Then we were back to our own vocal acrobatics, ooohing and guffawing our way to a Korean victory over Greece.

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