Mr. Musaki

Mr. Musaki stared at the bulbous, green lights that glared above the GORGEOUS sign of the brothel next to his apartment and stretched far beyond Gotanda into the heart of Tokyo City Proper. The lighted orbs were a visual reassurance that borders were secure and no threat was imminent. A shift in color to red or blue would designate a breach in borders (red), or a need for evacuation (blue). The Tamatsu Corporation was in existence to prevent the latter. The last breach below Samgakji resulted in a city lockdown, as IP teams from Tamatsu and federal agencies were deployed to remove offending trespassers and secure the border. Government officials mentioned the possibility of mutagens within the city walls during the press release the following morning. Mr. Musaki had suggested to Mr. Tanachi and others present that citizens should remain in buildings until chemical or physical debris was extricated from the breach, but this information was not made public because of fear of inciting mass exodus or hysteria.

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