Phillies Beat Rockies, 5-4

Aquiles invited me to see a post season baseball game at Coors Field yesterday. Rockies vs. Phillies. I was excited.

I was going to root for the Phillies, but I was told that I needed to root for where I was currently living, so I cheered for the Rockies. It was fun. I drank cocoa, ate a hot dog, and bought a hat that said, "Colorado Rockies Post Season 2009."

I probably would have bought two hats if it weren't for Lee. He was a very warm person to sit next to. We snuggled the whole game.

"You're lucky," he would tell me. "I am a human heater. You got the best seat in the house."

"Yup," I agreed with him. "Now I just need a beard."

"Oh yeah!" Lee agreed back. "Look at this beaver on my face. You got to get one. At least for the winter. You can shave in April."

"Okay," I said.

I started growing my beard right after the Phillies won the game 5-4. I decided I could go to another game next season when it's warmer and the beard I just started growing would be gone. That might be just what the doctor ordered.

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stacy elaine said...

it looks cold there!!!!! . . . but, it also looks like fun. :)