Iran's Protests, Scientology, and Gays in the Military

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I don't know about all this Iran stuff. From what I understand, the government took away texting, cell phone use, and the Internet, as soon as things got screwy. Then people really took to the streets. Who knows? Maybe, if they take away the Internet more often, they'd have a new government. It definitely takes "I want my MTV" to a new level.

I don't know if I need to say anything about the Church of Scientology...

I am amazed by the comments section on this editorial about Gays in the military...

I watched the documentary, Ask Not, tonight. It makes me want to make a film that deals with this issue. 

Making art is the best way I know to help any issue. Who knows? Maybe, I'll do a comic book about Iran, gays in the military, Scientology, and love. Those sound like real life topics. 

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