The Human War Movie: Scouting Locations in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN (THW) June 3, 2009

I found a few good places today -- thanks to Laura Phillips (pictured above). I've attached photos at the Flickr link below.

Laura has volunteered her deli as a possible interior kitchen location. She is also planning on helping out with police cruisers and officers (both her and her husband are former officers) free of charge.

For the exterior of the kitchen, I was thinking of using Our Place, Family Restaurant, which has gone bankrupt. According to Laura, we could contact the bank, and potentially...

...use the back as exterior shots for when Mark leaves the restaurant, and for a potential shot where the police officers are inspecting the crimes against Carl and Louis.

As far as the pizzeria, there were several possibilities. I personally liked Inner Circle Pizza and Ianazone's Pizza. Both locations have check cashing stores close by.

Roosevelt Park is a cool place where kids skate. They usually put down the picnic tables and use them to ollie off onto other curbs and benches. Laura says there are gangs of kids who hang out there.

Stomping Grounds is another skate shop located in a strip mall. I will be visiting there tomorrow night, so we'll have to see what that place has to offer. Right now I only have external shots.

We went to two trailer parks today. State Line Mobile Parks was by far the grittier one. We took several pics of vacant homes. According to Laura, we could potentially rent an empty trailer for $100/week.

I will be presenting a bit about THW at the informal community meeting at the Royal Oaks tomorrow with author, Noah Cicero at 8 p.m. I have no idea if people will show up. I'll send pics and an update soon. : )

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