Wedding Reception Photos & Mobile Clips

Here is a link to see all the photos of the Wedding Reception by Les Waller

From what I understand,  revised and approved prints by Les are available for purchase here. Please support him by buying a few prints or hiring him for your next event in Seoul. 

David Kalinowski offers this Reception Speech courtesy of Gin's mobile.

Ken brings you what he has dubbed "Pirooz Travolta". For some reason, people think I am some kind of good dancer. In all honesty, my feet can do funny things, but you can't even see them in this video. Who knows? People get enjoyment out of this, so I don't want anyone else who has not seen this to not reap in the giggles.


kevin.thurston said...

congratulations !

panauh said...

that dancin was hilarious!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Thank you, Kevin!

P - I will dance with you in person soon. : )

Noah Cicero said...


i like the dancing

Dinogirl said...

Nice photographs. They don't look too staged, which is what I want for my wedding. Did you find him on I am looking for a photographer like that. Thank you.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Hi Dinogirl,

This was a photographer in South Korea. Are you currently in South Korea? If so, I'd be happy to pass on his contact information. : )



Dinogirl said...

Sorry, I am in the US, but I would consider a photographer who could travel to me. Thanks for the info. I will keep looking!