Hero Tomorrow, Hero Today

Hero Tomorrow - Trailer

I spoke to Ted Sikora today on the phone to get some advice on The Human War movie. Ted is the director of the indie film, Hero Tomorrow. He is also very knowledgeable about making films. Thomas and I both got schooled on how to do fundraising, that every film needs Harvey Pekar in it, and that going with your heart is the best way to get a film made.

If you haven't seen Hero Tomorrow yet, please do. The film is original, set in Ohio, and has superheroes. How can you go wrong?

Tonight I will go out with friends from Hong Kong, and Singapore. Why the internaitonal crew? Well, everyone is in town to celebrate So Gee and my wedding. We'll be going out for dinner tonight, and then doing some dancing. I can't wait to dance with my wife. She is a good dancer. She is short, but I've been practicing with a limbo stick.

I will be her hero. (insert smiley face here)

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