Festivities 2009

We had fun on New Year's. Unfortunately, there were no photos that evening. It took us a few days to remember a camera, but, once we did, I did manage to catch a few photos of So Gee, Kaivon, and I in party mode.

Kaivon was a hit wherever we went. The Koreans loved that he was so tall and wore Pradas. Actually, I don't think anyone noticed his shoes. They did love that he sang over six songs in a row at a Norabong in Apujung though. 

"Most would stop after five," one Korean told me.

"Yes," another agreed. "It is impressive when one goes over four." 

Loren managed to join us for galbi later in the night. The photo (above) is the result of Kaivon telling us to not act crazy in the photo. Loren and I both took cue from that. 

Then Kaivon expounded on his month long motorcycle trek across China. We were all flabbergasted as we learned how he managed to obtain gasoline when he ran out over the Himalayas.

"Dude," he said, "I had to walk my bike back down the mountain. I just asked around if anyone had any gasoline. Finally, I managed to hail a truck down. I expected him to get out a container when he said he had some, but, instead, he just pulled out a hose and siphoned gas into my tank with his mouth. I was like, 'Uh, thanks.' Another time I ran out of gas and I got hand delivered Pepsi cans filled with petrol from the locals."

I think Kaivon had a good time in Seoul. We got to fuel a friendship that has been seventeen years in the making. Who knows? Maybe the next time we meet will be jumping out of an airplane. 

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