Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower)

We decided to brave the minus six degrees centigrade and climb the Namsan Tower during Kaivon's visit from Hong Kong.

It was difficult to stand still for any photos because it was so cold, but I did manage to snap this shot of So Gee and Kaivon. I think I remember being told to "hurry up" seven times in the time it took me to take one picture. 

Once inside, the story was different. Everyone was willing to take a pose, as jackets and hats were removed in favor of making faces and staring out at the city of Seoul. 

So Gee pointed out where we were in relation to our homes. It was strange to see that I lived in such a small area of city. "That's Seoul," I thought. "I am ready to go somewhere a little more green." 

It was buildings as far as the eye could see. 

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