Sam's Gyup Sol

Well, I braved the far corner of town today. I went into a small restaurant and ordered some Samgyeopsal. I'm not particularly found of pork, but this is the only thing I know how to say in Korean. The restaurant owners were quick to accommodate me. They set-up the charcoal grill in the center of the table. Then they brought over chopsticks, a spoon, some jalapeno-infused-cold soup, pork, spring onion slivers, sprouts with a spicy, crushed red pepper, kim chi (fermented cabbage), garlic, lettuce, sesame leaf, and the most scrumptious, raw spinach. The latter is what I ate like it was going out of style. Our friendly patron seemed to notice this and brought me heaps of spinach as soon I finished. Man, people eat out here! I had two plates of Popeye's secret weapon and was ready to meet up with Olive Oyle and cuddle. I swear! I didn't even make a dent. There were heaps of pork, lettuce, and the rest, just lying there. I felt bad about it. But what could I do? Language prevented me from saying "less" or "to go." All I could say was was "thank you."

"Kamsahamneda," I said. "Annyang-ka-sayo."

"Annyang," the patron smiled.

Maybe "to go" and "half order" will be my new words for tomorrow. Of course, finding a Korean dish I actually like would be the best step forward. The only problem is knowing what that is. It's definitely going to take some exploration. Maybe, a nice Korean boy or girl can point me in the right direction. Maybe it will be me. I could pretend to be a world class food critic. I'll even write reviews. Hmmm. Who knows? Time will tell. For now, it's Almond Flakes and Samgyeopsal.


Meg said...

Looks like an interesting meal. Kinda makes me want to seek out some crazy Korean food here in L.A.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Well, if you're a vegan you'll be out of luck. Pork is the requisite for any Korean meal. Who knows? Jim told me tonight we are going to eat live octopus. I can't say I'm enthused, but I'm always winning to try new things once.