How You Doing Mr. Tangerine Man?

Things are moving nice and easy in Korea. I've got my apartment, Battlestar Galactica, and tangerines. These are the 3 things to make any world travel go flawlessly. I know some of you might need a bit more in life, like donkeys or styrofoam, but I'm very content. I might brave other amenities like running water or 2 dollar hookers in the future, but for now, tangerines and a little BG is just what the doctor ordered.


My Korean is a bit rusty. I'm talking railroad spikes here. All I have been able to muster is "O D A O," which means "Where?" It will definitely come in handy, but I'd like to have a bit more in my repertoire. Maybe some "hello's" and "how you doing's?" would fit nicely. I figure a word a day will be the quota, so to meet today's thread I will work on just that.

Word of the Day:

Hello. How are you? - OR - An-nyo'ng-ha-se-yo?


I am eating a tangerine right now.

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