Lucid Dreaming and Analysis

"Part One"

I am in a dorm situaiton of some sort. There is a child in a group shower. I have to use the restroom and ask them to leave. They do not. They squat over the non-existent toilets and seem to be slightly retarded like the kids in the film Gummo.

Frustrated at not being heard, I exit the bathroom into the arms of one of my childhood bullies. He is crying and very sad that I will be leaving for Korea. I tell him it will be for a year, and that seems to calm him down.


"Part Two"

I exit the dorm and walk down the street. It is a city like San Francisco. There are lots of hills and old, townhome duplexes side by side. I walk down one of the hills to meet up with one of my brothers for a bite to eat.

Once inside, I am accosted by one of the waiters, who knocks into me by accident. I tell him not to worry about it, and give him a gentle pat on the back. I ask him where te bathroom is. He tells me to go see Crystal.

I go to Crystal's office. The waiter obviously thought I was trying to get a job, because it's the manager's office. I tell Crystal, a very masculine woman, that I was looking for that the bathroom and leave.


"Part Three"

Back outside of Crystal's office, I sit with my brother at a table. He has an Ahi tuna sandwich in front of him. He says it's wretched. I take a bite of it. It tastes fine to me and I tell him so.

He doesn't respond. He follows some waitresses into a back room, where he is hooked up to a futuristic device that pumps crystal meth into a person's veins to create vision alteration.


"Part Four"

The POV of the dream is now my brother's after vision alteration. I see the entire restaurant and I am confused as to why each person as a set of numbers and colored, concentric circles above them. It takes me a few moments to realize that the futuristic device has given my brother the ability to see what each person is in one glance. He is very upset to have this gift.


"Part Five"

I am in a supermarket - magically transported. I am walking the aisles, when a British woman approaches me with a dog that looks like Benji. She tells me he is fully trained and available for sale.

When I quesiton her about the extent of his training, she tells me that I could walk up and down the aisles of the grocery store, and even walk right up to food scraps, without Benji making even the slightest move.

I am very interested in the dog after hearing this and ask the price. She tells me it's 120 pounds. I decide to ask for 50. She balks at the idea, but then I get very big (in size, as if growing angry), and tell her that the dog is old and ask when Benji dogs live to, and is she taking advantage of me, yadda, yadda, yadda.

She backs down and agrees to sell the dog for less.


"Part Six"

I am walking outside. A goat nips me in the butt. Then a pelican ambles past me. Suddenly, a penguin. Then, to my amazement, I look up at the sky as every bird and animal you can imagine - including penguins! - are flying across the sky.


"Part Seven"

I wake up.


What do you think it means? I'll give my take in a bit. Right now I'm going for a cup of coffee.

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