Still Going

Drew Gardner linked up to Giant Steps. It's a cool animated film, synchronized to a John Coltrane solo. I dug it. Especially the music. There is something so magical about Coltrane's horn. It always inspires.

What else?

Last night I went to the Dresden to meet up with members of my TESL class. Most were in attendance. We talked about where we were going, parking tickets, and how I needed to hook up with T. in Thailand, because he could show me a whole new frontier.

"Yesssss," went his drawl. "Thailand."

T. was everyone's favorite in class. He just didn't hold to any borders. If he felt like telling you his encounters with prostitutes in Bangkok, he would. If you encouraged him, he would lay it out for you.

"You have to watch out for nipples. Some girls put drugs on them to knock you out. Then they make out with your phone, wallet, clothes, everything."

"Has that ever happened to you?"

"No," Tyree smiled.

He is an amazing person. I'm sure if I visit him, it would be a trip I wouldn't ever forget.


"The Trip"

I still haven't sold the car. I got the passport, packed 2 suitcases, and have given notice to my jobs. Now it's just the car. I've taken an ad out on craigslist. Hopefully, someone will respond after Christmas. In the meantime, I am running laps around Hollywood, watching bad movies, and procrastinating going to the post office to mail books. It's a great life.


"Them Crazy Bitches"

Them crazy bitches keep
taking me for a ride.
They say it's a one way ticket.
They say it's fun.

I'm still waiting for the pinatas.
I haven't seen any clowns.
All I get are freak show accidents
with my head in the ground.


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