Countdown: 46 days!

Lots of things left to do before I hit Korea. I've only crossed 4 things off my list: switching bills, looking into an international atm card, getting a dreamweaver for dummies book, and cleaning up my old computer for my dad. I still have big things to do, like selling my car, and cleaning my room. I am not too keen on cleaning out the room just yet. Believe me. I would like to. I can't stand half-open boxes in my den of inequitude.

Tomorrow I will take a stab at some major overhaul in the box arena. I will also get myself out on the running slopes for some much needed cardiovascular incubation.

Dacheux and I might make a going away album together before the move date. We hit upon some sweet lounge type tunes about love. We're thinking that I croon a line, and then she'll add commentary in-between.

When we did it for the kids I live with, they were very enthusiastic.

"You're funny," my brother's girlfriend said.

"It's good," my brother agreed.

Now my other brother is here. He has brought his dog for me to play with, while he hits the sauna. I think I'm going to teach his dog how to do a cartwheel.

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