3 Weeks!

...and 13 things left on my list of To do's.

#10 is to sell my car. I am well on my way on this item. I spoke to a mechanic today. He gave me the low down.

"How much is the bluebook price?"

"1400 to 24," I said.

"Then I would sell it for 24."

"Really? I was thinking a thousand."

"No," he smiled. "Start high and go low. Not the other way around."

I'll tell you my friends that is some sage advice. It is also only the beginning of what I found out from the mechanic. Apparently, everyone in the shop was Korean, and knew everything about where I was going. They even knew the school I was going to.

"Oh, you going there?" Mr. Park asked.

"Yeah," I said. "Is that a good school?"

"Oh, good school," he said. "Good choice. Just becareful about the motor."

"What's the motor?"

"Motor? Marijuana. You smoke that stuff, and you get 2 years in jail. Right away."

"Okay," I said. "I'll stay away from the motor."

"You going to have good life. You teacher. You going to meet a nice girl."

The other mechanics laughed.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Lots of girl there. Pick a rich girl."

"A rich girl?"

"Oh, yeah! A rich girl. It don't matter she be ugly. Just rich."

"Okay," I said.

They were real nice guys. We all worked on my front liscense plate (it was stuck). We also shot the shit about other stuff (more stuff about girls). I liked being there. It was real comfortable. I even thought about working there. It might be nice. I know Chuck seems to dig it.

Maybe, when I get back to L.A..

I think I'd be good with cars. I could make them purr.


JWG said...

Drug laws are tough here. never even been offered/seen anything.

Thimble with Wings said...

Mmmm. Yes.