I have received word from one recruitment center. It looks as if I will be interviewed within the next couple days. Hopefully, this will go as planned without complications. I am much more keen on having a recruiter place me within a school, than for me to pick one at random. I simply can't tell which is better than another, as I have little or no knowledge on the geography of South Korea, and am left fairly skimpy on my BEST LOCATION bat sensors.

Jim has sent me a contact through his university, so hopefully they respond favorably to the letter I sent them - a great option come appointment time. As far as others, my family is keen on me staying in the states living an EMILY DICKINSON LIFE, which is a step backwards and dehabilitating to someone of my character and resolve. I am simply much more cogent and lively in uncharted territories, and fairly sullen when I am given the option to be lazy, and not forage for myself. I am not sure if this is the hunter in me, or simply the warrior-explorer who is my true-core-yum-yum.

My guess is the latter.

Jim has just sent me a leter regarding the fish market in Seoul.

"Good stuff," he says. "Was wondering if you'd like it."

I'm sure I would.


Anonymous said...

This is a big development. How long will you be gone?

jwg said...

so excited. you out here would be perfect. plenty of fun to be had. If we are both at the same school, oh boy! let's see how this plays out.