The Doctor Is in Town

Tonight I hit the Blockbuster with my Dad. We're there about 5 minutes, when a girl I know from a sister production company waltzes in. She hasn't seen me for a while, so we do the song and dance of what's new.

"How are things at WG?"

"Good," she says.

"This is my dad," I gesture.

"Hello, very nice to meet you," my dad says.

"Nice to meet-"

"You can call him the doctor," I interrupt.

"Okay," she smiles. "Hello, the doctor."

"No," my father says, and bows his head, "You can call me the ant."


"I am humble person," my dad smiles. "I am invisible."

When we get back from Blockbuster, I tell the rest of the family how dad told this girl he was an ant and invisible, and they all lost it. My mom even got into one of her laughing fits, where she can only say one non-related word - as if a thought had formed under a genetic mutation - it is quite something to witness someone's mind combust during a good laugh, and my mom has made it into an art form that may lead to infinite comedic chuckles.

Here are a few of her combustions:

1. "Ha hahhehehehha...and the Chinese...HAHAhahahahe..."
2. "...the sabzi..."
3. Ah!!!!!Ah!
4. this...hahahahahha


On the way home from Blockbuster, my dad stopped to wave at a burly woman pounding a punching bag. She glared back at him.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I am just saying hello."

"No," I said. "You're trying to be funny."

"No," he smiles. "No mind."

I smile back.

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