is in my cranium

My Savion and yawning yawn to Yanni

Desert of Arabia
Judgment will it favor the
guilty who are sitting there
Corn Puffs, underwear

I don't even really know
what would be the best for your
head rock ore lock
Johann Sebastian Bach

Ante up
for a game of luck

Can't you save the spam for supersonic

waves that are coming through
like PBS are good for you
nothing else, save yourself
and working on eubonics

Had enough of all your fear
Turned around just like a deer
head first, feet first,
grazing in a mental purse

Won't you say desire?
Stuck between your tongue -
a charred and smoking lung?

Won't you say desire?
For all I really care
the world is under there

Feed on...and on...and on...

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