I-land Called Me

They will be shutting down parts of the 105 and the 5 for the new Die Hard movie. This doesn't really affect me. My show is done and most of my days have been busy with a) either dreaming in mounds of lush covers and pillows or b) reading through every book that catches my attention.

Right now I am reading T. (complicated middle name) Boyle. It is a good book of short stories - not an "I'm going to recommend it to my kin," but enough to garner a nod of sorts, most especially for his run-on sentences that he disguises with the Kerouac dash, as in - to make things go forever. Of course, he uses his dashes in multiple ways, and a bit more grammatically correct than my last flourish. It's more like an aside - 9 times out of 12 - or a disclaimer that will give you a humorous nugget - in some cases - not given in the description of a character.

Boyle's style can be easily mimicked if you have a propensity to describe food like a four star chef; an over dramatic flair that borders on fantasy; and a balance between absurdity and reality that leans more on the latter for comfort and moralistic A-Ha's!

I like it. I can see why he is a popular writer in this age. I have even considered doing a PhD with him and his compadres at USC. At least, considered it among my 1001 other possibilities. My God! I don't even want to think about it yet. A couple more days on my I-land. Maybe even a margarita.


Say said...

I am enlightened

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

How's it feel?

Dana said...

I just saw TC Boyle in person at a writing conference I went to. Interesting guy.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Really? Well, I might apply to that PhD next year. Actually, more than likely. I am so ready for the professor life. All this hobknobbing with ritz, glam, and sexy mama's gets me tired. Of course, it's not that bad either. Especially when I feel like Jay-Z when he's on top of his game. Then it's just another day, another dollar.

Today I'm trying to raise funds for integrity, passion, and basil in tomato sauce. Mmmm.

Dana said...

I bet you would be a good teacher, Pirooz.