I switch between the different couches in my house. I figure that will give me different dreams. I'm right.

Dream 1. Couch 1. Part 1.

A girl. Like a girl from highschool. She wants me to kiss her. I am hesitant as if someone's watching...Denzel Washington shows up. He is showing us all how to put on a condom properly. He flings it at me.


Dream 2. Couch 1. Switched to North Side. Part 2.

The object of the game is to keep an object away from a team. It is very similar to football, but in our case, we use hats like frisbees. I hook up with a monster runner. I run beside him, stuff the hat in his chest, and tell him to make it down the hill and then up the other.

The other team is hard on the chase. They've all got bicycles. I can keep up with them though. I am running backwards, but I can. I even make jokes about how awful they are. I turn their handlebars and make jokes like, "You guys are as bad as Monty Python," at which point, each cyclist turns into someone from The Flying Circus, and they all simultaneously fall from their bikes.

The Morale.

The dream did end with a morale. I am trying to remember it now. It was written on paper and floated to my dream screen. A tasty close-up, or as we say in the land of glitz, a CU.


Something about trusting oneself.

It was very eloquent. So much so that I woke up and thought, "how eloquent" before I fell back asleep on a different couch. I will tell that one another day.

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