Poetry Thursday: 10 Minutes

(A poem about boys who like boys, girls who like girls, boys who like girls, girls who like boys, people who like people, and the War in Iraq)



magic flour
Mayan power

Harry Potter

fighting back
all alone

monkey made finger paint
holy heather no it ain’t

back to school
raising cash
fighting everyone the past

melted cup
a holy grail
soldier love
behind the veil
what you need
a little kiss
give you Sega
make a wish

Disney World
and Mickey Mouse
welcome to suburbia
turn in hysteria
turn up hysteria
turn out hysteria

mosque there in Middleton
no one thought he’d ever win
bundled up in little space
tiny house, mental space
warehouse hysteria
welcome to suburbia
white fence tulip bed
Abraham overhead
Letters written lo his thigh,
‘here I is, here I lie’
up and down crazy coast
love the most
east coast west coast

there be a monument
raised by a president
circle in circle out
mental waste, tiny space
feeling doubt
little un’s
dropping dead
like a fly
cheerio on my eye
looking out
like a fly
looking like a fly
teenage suburbia
Baghdad hysteria
Sega playing on the bed
Missiles flying overhead
what you want
what you need
how you love
how you bleed
how you fall when your dead
how you fall when your dead
how you fall when your dead


Lynn said...

Your approach to writing poetry is so interesting to me, Pirooz. How, in this case, you lure us in with something innocent, the slant rhyme of spooky and cookie. But then you end on the haunting line how you fall when your dead, not once but repeated three times.

Jennifer said...

interesting, amazing...

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

How kind of both of you.