Film Premiere, Terrification, Music and Book Update

So I am going to hit the premiere of Bystander tonight. It will be fascinating to see myself on the big screen. At least the director keeps saying this to me.

"You're coming to the premiere, right?"

"Uh," I say.

"You have to," he hammers. "You'll get to see yourself on the big screen."

"I don't know," I say. "I might be terrified."

"Oh, come on!"

Well, I'll keep an open mind. I think it'll be fun to go to Formosa Cafe afterwards. I like to have fun with people. I am sure there will be all sorts. I like all sorts.

In other news, the album is moving along fast. Masters are done of Orange Lambhorghini. We've got an animator rocking some segments for the video. And I will be talking to Justin Peach who has signed on to direct the project.

"I just want the animated car in the beginning," I say. "Then I want a little ball to bounce along with the lyrics."

"That's no problem," he says.

"Cool," I say. "Then the rest is up to you."

I wonder what he'll come up with. Who knows? I do know that I am excited to put out a DVD with this record. It makes it extra yummy.

As far as the comic book, that will be in finalization stage this weekend.

I still don't know where it's going, and I have no idea what I think of it. It's like a wave. I can't really judge. Especially with the process. This time I have gone with 'anything goes.' No corrections. Just go.

It's been fascinating to work like this. It feels like music. It also makes it unexpected. Anything else?

I like you.

Bye, P.

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