Controversial Title, Commercials, and an Old Car

Well, the car broke down again today. It might be the end of the Honda. I don't really want to say goodbye, but I might have to. 3 breakdowns, 2 tows, and a lot of patience on my part doesn't equate to a healthy driving experience.

Does this mean I will get a new car? Maybe. I don't know.

I will probably have to get one by the end of summer.

In other news, Bradford and Sheldon were patient enough to film promos today for Shikow and the new comic, "Why Do Men Do Stupid Things for Ass?"

I saw some segments and laughed the entire way. They even cast me in a bit part for the second commercial. That made me laugh too. I look like a Miami Vice football player, giving advice to young thangs. So funny. Again, I say, So funny.

I will put these up tomorrow to intrigue interest for the coming releases.

Speaking of which, there is some serious controversy over the title of the new book. It splits fifty-fifty, and with no particular gender or sexual orientation - just right down the middle.

"I can't support something with ass in the title," a colleague tells me.


"Yeah, I don't know, man."

I asked the marketing director of the firm upstairs what he thought, and he said, "Look man if someone can make millions selling Beanie Babies off the internet, than you really shouldn't have a problem with your title. The key is finding 5 percent of the population that you cater to, and market it to them. And I'm not into tailgating or football or anything, but I think they would think your book is right up their alley."

Now that really cracked me up. I am so opposite of the football player mentality it's funny. But I can't seem to let go of the title. It could be, "Why Do WE Do Stupid Things for Ass?" But is that as funny? Does that grab me where it counts?

Not really.

What I find most interesting is that women have been the biggest fans and proponents of the comic. Why is that I wonder? I have no idea. It seems like I might be revealing some unspoken secret or something. Or maybe there's the thought that I will expose the soft underbelly of something that needs to remain hidden?

I don't really believe that. That might be the consensus though. I have no idea. What I do know is that the book is quite beautiful, and I am very excited to bring it out to all of you.

Just a couple days more and we will have some excerpts.

Maybe, a functioning car will coincide with that possibility.

Who knows?

See you on the flip,


PS. I smell like cars and gasoline.


Anonymous said...

Title: The title is provocative.

I think it will appeal to the the average man across the country and around the world and perhaps elicit the hidden interest of women who want to learn more how men think (they probably are better off not knowing)

Someone not supporting it because it has the word ass in it no matter the context it is in is ridiculous.

However in this case it does seem very sexist but it is also true in most cases with men so either way the fact that it is stirring up alot of contraversy and debate is great.

JWG said...

my neighbor is pissed bc we fuck too loud. screw em.