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Why Do Men Do Stupid Things for Ass? now has its own myspace page. Be its friend.

John Posatko is making podcasts.

The Bob Saget Video - It's good for the first 20 seconds. Then it just gets a bit awkward. At least in the office when other human beings walk by.

Superman Ring Tones - I downloaded ringtones this morning. Now I have the Superman "Love" theme pumping out of the cell. It might do wonders for me in grocery stores. At least that's what Lady M told me.

"You need to go to Trader Joe's in West Hollywood," Lady M says. "You'll be a hit."

I tried it at the pizza shop. No one knew what it was.

That's why I'm creating my own custom ringtones from here on out.

I will make some ringtones for the new record (Orange Lamborghini) and post links to them and a couple songs to build Slipshod hype. I don't think that will be hard. Songs are so good it's ridiculous.
Here is a tentative list:

1. Orange Lamborghini
2. Bob Marley [demo]
3. Brokeback Iraq [final]
4. U Drive, Me Shift
5. Coyote
6. Bootylicious [demo]
7. Hollywood Boulevard [demo]
8. Baghdad Hysteria
9. Raising the Dead [final]
10. JP's Sneakers
11. All of My Love [rough]

The record was originally set to drop on July 11. My birthday. Panauh wants to move it to August. We'll see. No official date. We'll just play it by ear.

I didn't do Poetry Thursday last week, so let me hit it. Okay. Lets see. 2 poems. When I say go.


doesn't know he's beautiful

in a chair

wraps wires

the camera
he dropped

like me
from fire

our eyes

in accident

Okay. So I was interrupted on that one. Might as well start poem 2.

She told me we would go dancing
so I half believe her when she tells me
to slip her my number when I'm about to say

Head in my Ass
I walk up to the office
sad like the smell of pachouli.


I hope everyone is having fun in life. I am out like a tin can on a railroad track.



Say said...

i like your poems,
i like you.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I like you too. When are we going to do some creating? Maybe you can shoot one of the videos for Slipshod. Either that or Jhamba. Let me know, P.

Stacy Elaine said...

oh p-man,

i cannot play soccer this weekend, i have to work :) but, we will hang sometime soon. Farmers Market on Sunday? let a girl know.

smooches mc schmooches.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

S - Farmer's market? Okay. Just call me when you start walking up there.